• Emma Green

You're supposed to enjoy food

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

I think sometimes we can feel guilty for actually enjoying food. We think that means there is either something wrong with the food itself (eg ‘it’s addictive’) or ourselves (eg ‘I’m greedy’).

It’s so important to enjoy your food. I see so many people eating foods they hate because they’re ‘clean’, ‘macro friendly’ or ‘nutrient dense.’ There are no foods that we have to eat to be healthy and there are no foods that we need to exclude either. We all know the foods that are healthy for us but it’s easy to get caught up with food marketing and start thinking that foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I find when people get into this mindset it can be a slippery slope, with diets becoming more and more restrictive over time. If this is you right now, know that it can get better. The first stage is accepting where you are right now and then taking small steps to gradually expand the range of foods that you eat. Get in touch with what you really like and dislike, rather than what is okay according to your ‘rules’

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