• Emma Green

Wtf is normal eating?

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

When I was recovering from my eating disorder I found it really hard to know what normal eating was. Society makes us think is normal to be constantly restricting calories, macronutrients and particular foods. It can seem like everyone is on some kind of diet (or planning to go on one).

What’s difficult is that normal eating looks different on everyone. I’ve always had a large appetite and often had comments about it, which haven’t always been easy to deal with. Things like ‘Where do you put it?’ ‘Wow, I could never eat that much’ or even ‘I’m impressed’ after finishing a large meal.

This used to make me second guess myself a lot and then I just got really defensive about it. Now, I generally just shrug it off because I know that I eat in a way that keeps me happy and healthy.

If you are currently working towards eating normally, remind yourself that your body is unique and the amount and types of food you eat will need to reflect that. Don’t pay attention to what others say about your eating, do what feels good for you.

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