• Emma Green

Why you should eat like a child.

Children tend to have a really healthy relationship with food. Although left to their own devices children would overeat sweets once in a while, they generally have pretty good intuitive eating habits. We could all learn a lot from them! Here are three of those habits:⠀ 1. They are social eaters: Children like eating with others. They enjoy meals out at restaurants and eating with others. These events aren't stressful for children. They don't worry about these events beforehand and they don't feel guilty after them. 2. They are mindful eaters: Children are really in tune with their hunger signals and will eat if they are hungry regardless of whether it's a meal time or not. They sometimes eat when they're not hungry too, like having cake at a birthday party. ⠀ 3. They don't have rules about food: They don't care whether something is low fat, low carb etc. They eat what they like, regardless of the nutritional profile of the food. Equally, they won't eat foods that they don't enjoy, even if they are a 'superfood'.

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