• Emma Green

Why you need to lower the bar

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

I’m not making a new year's resolution to be a different person because that never pans out. I do have some goals for but they are inline with who I am and what is really important to me, not an idealised version of me. It’s counter-intuitive but I find the most success happens when I take the pressure off, accept where I am right now and focus on one day at a time. There’s nothing wrong with setting big goals if that works for you but for me, I’ve found the opposite to be more effective.

I’d rather exceed my expectations than fall short of reaching goals that were never attainable in the first place. We’re always told to ‘raise the bar’ but I’ve found lowering it actually results in less stress, more mindfulness and more achievement in whatever pursuit I am chasing. Nobody is perfect. The more that I can accept that about myself and work with it, not against it, the better things turn out.

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