• Emma Green

Why you need to build a fitness base

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

One of the most important things to establish when working towards your fitness goals is building a solid base. What I mean by a base is a solid foundation of nutrition and training that you can adhere to regardless of what else is going on in your life. We can’t always be optimal but if we have the basics covered we can guarantee that we’ll be making progress. A base is built by consistency. Consistency with nutrition, with training and with lifestyle factors (sleep, stress management etc). The great thing about being consistent is that it not only ensures that you are making progress but also allows you to develop habits. Once you have habits established, you can keep on doing these behaviours without even having to think about it. When you’ve got this base it’s also much easier to make small tweaks if you want to. Rather than overhauling everything, keep most of your basic habits in place and change only one or two things. This makes it much easier to evaluate the effects of the small tweaks. If you overhaul everything, it’s very hard to know what is working well and what isn’t.

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