• Emma Green

Why is accountability important?

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

It’s not a sign of weakness to need support and accountability to reach your goals, fitness or otherwise. Sometimes you can talk yourself out of things, struggle with integrating new behaviours into your daily life or even self-sabotage because you’re so scared of failing. 🥺 Our self talk can be so negative and can make exacerbate these struggles as we judge ourselves for not being ‘perfect.’ That’s where a coach comes in. They remind you of your progress so far, troubleshoot challenges and plan for future ones. They don’t judge you, they listen and respond with what you need to hear. I was once asked how I work with clients and my answer was ‘I help them chill out’. That’s a simplification of course but a pretty accurate representation!

I strongly believe that fitness and nutrition should enhance your life, not take over it. I work with people who want to gain a sense of balance that they’ve either never had, or have lost along the way.

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