• Emma Green

Why you need a rest day

I did a poll on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago about what people’s biggest struggle was. I was interested to find out it was feeling anxious when not being able to exercise. I tend to focus more on the food aspect of things in my content so I will try to get a better balance going forwards. ⠀ What I want to emphasise in today’s post is the importance of rest, both for physical health and wellbeing. Your brain and body need rest days. They aren’t optional, they should be part of your weekly routine.

Sometimes you might need a lot of rest days. Maybe you’re not sleeping well, maybe you are experiencing a lot of stress, maybe you’re busy with work. Life happens and that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, unmotivated or lacking in willpower. ⠀ If you struggle with taking rest days, that’s a sign that you need to do some digging. Figure out why it’s hard and work on it. You might need to address issues around body image, disentangle food from exercise or find some other hobbies that you enjoy. Fitness should add to your life, not dominate it.

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