• Emma Green

Why you don't need to overthink balance

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

I think there is a misconception that there is this perfect formula for balance. In reality, it not only looks different for each person but even varies day to day in one person.

For example, this past weekend I ate 3 magnums in one sitting but also went to the gym twice and ate loads of fruit and veg. I didn’t think much about any of it. I wasn’t thinking about trying to ‘be good,’ earn or compensate for anything. I didn’t spend ages deciding whether something was ‘allowed’ or not.

It’s kind of counter intuitive but the best way to achieve a balance with nutrition and fitness is to think about them as little as possible. If you’ve been obsessing about being optimal this isn’t going to happen overnight, but it is possible.

If we focus on letting go more, rather than trying to control everything, I think we’d all be happier and healthier. We won’t be perfect at this (I’m certainly not!) so I think it’s important to remind ourselves often! It’s easy to get caught up in our own heads but if we can focus on being present and doing what feels good for us in that moment, I think that’s a huge win.

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