• Emma Green

Why you don’t have to measure progress with a before ad after photo

There’s a phrase that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and I disagree. Maybe it’s because I write for a living but I think there are many things that cannot be portrayed in a picture. Regardless of how long the caption might be, mental changes cannot always be portrayed in a visual format because the person may not look any different. I have been criticised previously for not sharing before and after photos of my clients. The reason I don’t is because that doesn’t represent the work I do with them. I work on their relationship with food, exercise and their bodies so progress looks very much like the right hand side of this infographic. I’d invite you to think about what progress means to you. Maybe it’s not visual, maybe it’s not even behavioural. Maybe it’s a feeling. Whatever it is, remind yourself of that often.

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