• Emma Green

Why you don’t have to healthify everything...

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

Although I think it’s great to make healthy versions of foods, I think it’s important that this doesn’t become restrictive. I love eating protein pancakes with sugar free syrup but I’m not afraid of having ‘real’ pancakes with maple syrup if I go out to eat. Food should always be a genuine choice, not an obligation. There should be no ‘can’t’ but instead ‘don’t’ when it comes to food. The former is coming from a restrictive mindset, the second is coming from a sense of autonomy.

Sometimes we might choose the ‘healthy’ option and sometimes we might not. Being okay with making either choice is important. There should be no judgement attached. We are not ‘good’ for choosing the healthy option or ‘bad’ for choosing the unhealthy option. Food is just food, it shouldn’t rule our lives.

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