• Emma Green

Why there’s not a time and place for everything

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

Whilst context is important in health and fitness, that doesn’t mean that anything goes. There are some things that are never a good idea. To give a few examples: training every day, only eating ‘clean’, doing a juice fast etc. This isn’t just anecdotal, there is substantial scientific evidence refuting these ideas. You don’t do yourself any favours when you fail to take a stance against bullshit. Standing up for what you believe in also means speaking up for what you don’t agree with. You can’t complain about bullshit existing if you do nothing to change it. Will taking a stance piss some people off? Sure, but I’d rather be seen as someone who stands up for what they feel strongly about than someone who is trying to please everyone. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who has the guts to call out bullshit because it’s a fantastic indicator of being passionate and having integrity.

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