• Emma Green

Why it’s okay to change your goal

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

Often we get so focused on a particular goal we don’t stop to think if it’s what we really want. There are so many messages like ‘never give up,’ ‘embrace the grind,’ ‘don’t make excuses’ etc that we can feel like we can’t change track even if we want to. It’s great to be persistent when chasing what we want but it’s also okay if what we want changes.

Sometimes we need to experience things first to know if it’s for us or not. We might start working towards it and realise this half way though. We can choose to see it to the end anyway if that we will still get something out of it but we shouldn’t feel obliged to.

I’ve seen a few people start bodybuilding contest preps and then decide it’s not for them. I have so much respect for those people who have that level of awareness, are able to respond accordingly and are brave enough to share it. Achieving a goal is always going to be hard and we shouldn’t expect otherwise. However, there is no point doing something just because it challenges us if there is nothing we are getting out of it. There are so many ways to find challenges to conquer so it makes no sense to pursue one we no longer want.

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