• Emma Green

Why it's important to enjoy your training

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

I talk quite a lot about lifting weights because that’s what I enjoy the most (although I do some dancing and hot yoga too). I hope it never comes across as an assumption that weights are better than others forms of exercise. I think everyone should move in a way that makes them happy, whatever that means. One of my clients loves running, another enjoys rowing. I also follow people that do all sorts of other activities. I don’t necessarily get inspired to do these activities myself but I love seeing the enjoyment and sense of satisfaction they get from doing what makes them happy. I get frustrated when I see articles titled ‘why you shouldn’t do x’ or ‘why everyone should do x’ (side note: I notice a lot of these kind of articles are aimed at women but written by men?!). We should stop telling people what to do because it doesn’t work to change behaviour anyway and it undermines personal autonomy. Everyone has different goals and the right to exercise however they want. Each to their own!

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