• Emma Green

Why it is okay to be imperfect

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

It’s great to share that you’re killing it in the gym, happy with your [insert body part here] progress and ‘on point’ with your nutrition but it’s important to bear in mind how it could affect others. You might think it’s inspiring (and maybe it is) but have you considered that it might not be that way for everyone? What would someone think about what you’re sharing if they were struggling?

If you put out content on social media you have a responsibility for the impact of that content on others. You might be trying to be positive but that doesn’t mean the influence on others can’t be negative.

Social media is only a highlight reel if you make it one. You can choose to share something you’re struggling with (or have in the past), mistakes you’ve made or something you’re still figuring out.

If people don’t want to see that then do you really want them around? I’d rather have people who I can be honest with than people where I feel the need to be constantly positive.

Don’t be afraid to be you and share what’s really going on. If you want to find your people, there’s no other option.

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