• Emma Green

Why I don’t share before and after photos of my clients

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

You may have noticed that although I have video testimonials of some of the clients I’ve worked with, I don’t share transformation pictures.

The main reason for this is that I’m much more interested in your relationship with food, exercise and your body than what you are eating, what your fitness routine looks like and what your body looks like.

This only really struck me with my first client. Although her goal was to build muscle, what she took away was more confidence, not only in the gym but in navigating all the BS in the fitness industry. She also learned to experience more freedom around food. She went from panicking that she couldn’t find the macros for a gluten free pizza on MyFitnessPal to be able to eat meals out without any anxiety or guilt if she didn’t know exactly what was in the food. As a student, all this gave more energy to use working towards her exams.

It’s not that the ‘nuts and bolts’ of fitness and nutrition don’t matter but it’s just that those aren’t areas where I see most people struggling. The majority of people know what healthy foods are and they have at least basic idea of how to workout effectively. What I see is people feeling anxious about their food choices, guilt if they can’t get to the gym and an intense dislike and distrust of their bodies. Those are what I want to help people with and that’s the focus of my work with clients.

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