• Emma Green

Why dieting is so tempting

We live in a society where it seems as though everyone is on a quest to ‘transform their body’. People are constantly talking about the latest food they’ve cut out or exercise routine that they’re obsessed with. If you’re not engaging in these behaviours, it can seem as though you are missing out. The truth is that these behaviours take away so much more than they give you. They provide a false sense of hope, that this time you will finally change. You’ll become a different person, mentally and physically. You’ll be more confident, popular and attractive. However many times you’ve struggled in the past, you think that this time things will be different. This time it will ‘work.’ This cycle continues over and over until you eventually decide to give up. That’s usually when my clients find me. They’re fed up with being on and off bandwagons, not being able to enjoy food, feeling guilty when they miss a workout. They want something different. It doesn’t mean that things become easy from there. Becoming an intuitive eater takes a lot of work but it is always possible. Unlike dieting and exercising, it doesn’t provide that instant gratification. In the short term things can even feel worse as you are digging up thoughts and feelings that have been buried for a long time. However, if you stick at it, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it feels amazing.

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