• Emma Green

Why balance is always a work in progress

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

Although I talk a lot about having a healthy, balanced relationship with food and exercise, I certainly am not perfect.

Case in point, a few weeks ago a dance class I go to regularly was cancelled. I immediately thought ‘I’ll go to the gym instead’. This wasn’t from a ‘I need to burn calories’ perspective but just an automatic decision.

When I got to the gym I decided to just jump on the stair mill for a bit to get a bit of a sweat on. I put in some great music and continued for 20 mins or so. I felt a bit tired and achey during but didn’t think much of it.

When I was finished my lower back started hurting, which is a sign my body gives me when I’ve done too much (either lifting or cardio). I felt really beat up for the rest of the day and actually regretted going.

It’s good to be able to push yourself but it’s so important to know when to pull it back too. I don’t agree that ‘you never regret a workout’ because when you need to take it easy or rest, it is important to honour that. Don’t be afraid to check in with yourself even if you are doing what you normally do.

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