• Emma Green

What to do when you’ve gone off track

I don’t love the term ‘off track’ because it reinforces a binary way of thinking about diet and exercise where we are ‘on’ or ‘off’. However, we all have times when we aren’t behaving in a way that is in alignment with our goals. Here is how to approach these situations:⠀⠀⠀ 1. Don’t judge it: Often the first thing we do when we perceive ourselves as having gone off track is beat ourselves up about it. Although being self-reflective about what contributed to our behaviour is helpful, this works best when we stay objective.

2. Lower the bar: Instead of trying to get back to what we were doing prior to falling off track, it’s better to set ourselves a more realistic target. If we keep falling off track it’s an indication that our approach is too demanding for our current lifestyle.

3. Start now: When we go off track we tend to put off getting back on track until a later date, like the next day, the next week etc. The best thing we can do when we know our behaviour has drifted is to make the next decision in line with our goals.

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