• Emma Green

What to do when you overeat at the weekend

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

I used to think that overeating was always ‘bad’. I thought that food was only fuel for my body so eating more than I needed to sustain myself physiologically was unnecessary. I would eat as little as humanly possible, which gradually became less and less over time. It’s sad but I needed to reach a rock bottom to be able to make a change. I needed to get the message loud and clear that what I was doing wasn’t working before I would even think about doing something differently. Change is hard and not something anyone wants to do unless they feel they absolutely have to.

My experiences allowed me to see that food is not just fuel, it is so much more. Instead of trying to deny that, I’d rather embrace it and approach food as something to add to our lives in a positive way. It can be a way to celebrate, a way to socialise with others, a way to mark tradition, a way to give ourselves self care. From this perspective, using food in this way isn’t ‘bad’ it’s a part of daily life. . If we see food in this way, we might overeat sometimes and that’s absolutely fine! You don’t have to live like a competitive bodybuilder if you’re not getting on stage. That’s not to say you can’t perform at a high level though. Fitness doesn’t have to mean sticking to a rigid ‘clean’ diet 24/7. It’s not ‘grinding’ it’s just needless restriction. Letting go of trying to control food is f**king hard but so worth it. By loosening the grip you allow so much more room in for other things in your life: friends, hobbies, travel etc. I’ve never felt as content with things as I do right now and that just wouldn’t be the case if I was still obsessing about food.

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