• Emma Green

What to do after overeating

Overeating can cause feelings of anxiety and guilt, leading to excessive cardio and heavily restricting calorie intake in an attempt to 'undo the damage.' This can quickly become a viscous cycle, where you are constantly moving between extremes instead of having a balance that keeps you happy and healthy. It doesn't have to be that way though, here is a better way to handle overeating:⠀ 1. Move your body as normal: Doing excessive cardio after a period of overeating is the fastest way to develop an unhealthy relationship with exercise, focused on burning calories as a way of punishing yourself for overeating. High levels of cardio are also likely to significantly ramp up your appetite, making it much more likely you'll overeat again. Instead, move your body as normal afterwards, whether that means going to the gym or taking a rest day. You'll probably find you move around a bit more unconscionably after overeating anyway (known as NEAT) because your body likes to maintain a state of homeostasis. 2. Don't restrict calories: It can be really tempting to reduce your food intake when you feel like you've overeaten. This will just increase both cravings and hunger, making it more likely that you'll overeat again. Instead, just go back to normal, whatever that means for you and let your body balance itself out. Focus on getting in plenty of nutrient dense foods to make your body feel really good again. If you're being mindful you'll probably find you naturally gravitate towards these kind of foods anyway. 3. Prioritise stress management: Often when we have overeaten, it's because we are tired or stressed. Focus on getting enough sleep and doing activities that are relaxing for you (watching Friends on Netflix and guided meditations do it for me!) This will not only help to prevent later overeating but also will help with alleviating any anxiety or guilt you are feeling from overeating. Remind yourself that you're human and that you are not a bad person for overeating. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

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