• Emma Green

What my clients have taught me about intuitive eating

I love coaching and my primary goal of course is to help and support my clients but I’ve learned a lot from them too. Here are some of those lessons: . Sometimes it’s just not the right time. Building a healthy relationship with food, exercise and their body is hard work and it can feel too overwhelming when there are a lot of other life stressors. Speaking to people in the same position isn’t always helpful. It can be triggering to talk with people who are currently struggling and can result in giving up hope of getting to a healthier and happier place. Not everyone cares about the science. Sometimes people just want advice, help and support without the evidence-based justification. Healing a relationship with food can be a springboard to making other changes in a person’s life. Once they start to get in touch with their cues, needs and preferences, this translates into greater intuition in relationships, work and hobbies.

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