• Emma Green

What happens when you stop dieting

A big part of diet culture is about conforming. Conforming to what society says people should look like, conforming to what everyone else is eating/not eating and conforming with the assumptions about bodies and health. Although nobody likes to admit they’re a conformist, we all like to feel like we belong. People bond over what diet they’re on, what exercise programme they’re doing and the ‘body goals’ they hold in high esteem. One of the reasons that rejecting diet culture is hard is because you can feel like you’re missing out on this ability to connect with others. There are of course other ways to connect with people that are much more meaningful but it is hard to give something up which you feel unites you with others. It’s okay to feel a sense of loss when moving away from diet culture but just know that you have so much to gain. You can talk about real stuff with people, you can put your time and energy towards what you’re really passionate about and you can go after what you really want, which may well not conform to societal norms. Leaving diet culture gives you the confidence to reject what others are doing and tune into your body and your mind to guide your choices, not only about food but in all areas of your life. We’re all different and that should be celebrated. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with who you are, what you want and ditch the diet culture that is holding you back.

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