• Emma Green

What happens when you get the ‘perfect body’

Society tells you that everything will be amazing when you get the ‘perfect body’ and that’s complete BS. If you’re not happy now, you won’t be when your body is different. A new body doesn’t give you a new life. If you are postponing doing things until your body looks different, you are postponing your happiness and you are worth more than that. Don’t wait to live the life you want until you look different. Do what makes you happy now. You deserve that. I promise that when you start to do the things that you enjoy, how your body looks becomes a lot less important. I’m aware there’s privilege in this. I know that not everyone has the ability or resources to do the activities that they would like to do. However, I’d encourage you to think about any changes that you can make to fit more self-care into your daily life. If you want some advice and support to feel better in your body, if you want help finding a way to exercise that eat that you enjoy, join my six week group coaching programme. It’s called ‘Screw the summer bullshit’ and it starts on 6th May. It’s not about trying to change your body, it’s about feeling happy, energised and confident so that you can enjoy truly summer, rather than worrying about what you look like. There are only a few spots and I’d love to see you inside!

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