• Emma Green

What does intuitive eating mean? (part 2)

One of the biggest changes, when you transition from a diet mentality into intuitive eating, is the shift in focus in your life. Thoughts about food, exercise and your body no longer dominate your brain. This frees up the time and energy that you can use elsewhere.⠀ The results in having conversations about a range of topics, rather than just about whatever diet you’re currently on. ⠀ . You give yourself permission to rest when you want to rather than pushing yourself to exercise regardless.⠀ You find new activities that you enjoy because of how they make you feel, rather than hoe they make you look. ⠀ . The space left behind by escaping a diet mentality can be scary but it’s also hugely exciting. It’s a chance to explore who you are, what you like and how you want to spend your time. You deserve to experience that freedom. You just need to let go and jump in. ⠀

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