• Emma Green

Weird shit you do in a calorie deficit

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

I find when people talk about dieting they talk a lot about being hungry but not much else. In reality, there are so many other things that happen when you eat in a caloric deficit, especially if it’s prolonged. A few that often don’t get discussed are food concocting (making weird food combinations), putting low calorie sauces on everything and being obsessed with diet drinks and/or chewing gum. I’ve been there are done that with all of the above. It’s funny that these things just become normal when you’ve been dieting for a while. Whilst they are natural responses to being in a caloric deficit for an extended period of time, I think it’s important to remember that these are not normal. They are not how you want to be getting through day by day. Life is not meant to be spent on a diet.

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