• Emma Green

Using extremes to find balance

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

As you can probably tell, I definitely like my treats but I enjoy healthy foods too. Although I don’t specifically quantify it, roughly 80% of my food intake come from nutrient dense stuff with the other 20% less nutritious stuff. This is what I’ve found makes me feel best. There’s nothing magic about this ratio and you may find a different balance works best for you. I’ve had periods where I’ve eaten only nutrient dense foods and it was miserable, I didn’t feel able to eat out at restaurants and didn’t really enjoy my food. Similarly, I’ve had periods where I’ve had lots of treats (whatever fits in my macros mentality) and that didn’t make me feel good in terms of energy or digestion.

I think we learn a lot from experiencing extremes. As much as we can feel embarrassed, angry or sad when we look back on these times, I think we often underplay the importance of them in contributing to our current mindset and behaviours. I certainly think I needed to experience extremes with nutrition and fitness to reach the balance I have today.

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