• Emma Green

Trusting your body

When new clients come to me they typically are fed up of dieting, of punishing themselves with exercise and being hung up on the scale. Equally they are fearful about letting those things go because they lack the trust in their bodies. Society tells you that you cannot trust your body. It tells you that you should find strategies to avoid feeling hungry. It tells you that you need to count your food to know how much you need. It tells you that you need to exercise so that your body looks a particular way that is deemed acceptable. It’s scary when you decide to go against those pressures but it’s also incredibly freeing. It allows you to decide what you want to eat and how you want to move. It allows you to be spontaneous, to go on holidays without worrying about ‘losing your progress’, to order what you want in a restaurant without guilt. It allows you to break out of your routine when you need to. It allows you to explore new activities. Most of all it gives you the time and energy to put towards what really matters.

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