• Emma Green

The truth about the alkaline diet

To maintain optimal health, our bodies needs to maintain a pH blood level of around 7.4, which is considered alkaline. A pH level of 0 to 7 is considered acidic, 7 is neutral and 7-14 is alkaline. There are a lot of myths about 'being alkaline', here's the truth:⠀ 1. You can't change your blood pH level: Maintaining an optimal pH in the body is important for all bodily functions. The blood pH value falling out of the normal range is a very serious health issue and can become fatal if untreated. The blood pH is tightly controlled by a process called acid base homeostasis. This process ensures that your blood maintains an optimal pH to prevent important enzymes and proteins from becoming denatured. ⠀ 2. No link between ‘acid forming’ foods and health: Some people have suggested that our current diets are acid-forming in the body because of the high amounts of sodium and low amounts of potassium. Science has shown 50% of hunter-gather populations ate alkaline diets and the other half ate acidic diets. Despite this fact, modern diseases of civilization were virtually non-existent indicating that acid-forming diets are not the problem. 3. Urine is not a reliable measure of the body's pH level: Proponent of alkaline diets claim that we can test the effects of them by measuring our urine pH. However, our urine pH is not a good indicator of our body’s actual pH level. Urine is actually one of the main ways your body regulates blood pH levels, by excreting acids in the urine. The body’s pH can only be determined by a blood test. Unless you have a chronic condition, you don’t need to worry about testing your body’s pH level.

Don’t be into the hype around specific diets. Eat in a way that feels good to you, whatever that means.

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