• Emma Green

The reality of fitness

We are wired to want secret tricks, quick fixes and fast results but that doesn't mean they work. There will always be people offering what people want to hear because it's easy to market. Telling people to focus on the basics and repeating them over and over isn't easy but it's the only thing that works. Here is what people want to hear: Take this pill: We all want a magic pill to give us the results we want. Although supplements can definitely help, they aren't what we should be focusing on. There are very few supplements that are worth taking (I'd only suggest a multi, omega 3 and creatine) so save your money! Do this 'fat burning workout': I hate the term 'fat burning'. From a scientific perspective, I find this terminology tends to be used to describe high intensity workouts (which is actually when we use more energy from carbs than fat) and we don't burn fat from a single workout anyway. From a mindset perspective, there are also so many other other benefits of exercise: getting stronger, feeling more energised, de-stressing etc. Get instant results: We all want results tomorrow but that isn't how progress happens. Although we can often make faster progress when we start (known as newbie gains) but this will soon slow down. Quick results typically aren't sustainable so you need to be in it for the long haul.

Here is what people need to hear: Be consistent: We don't get results from a single workout, it's the small steps over time that add up. It's so important to stay consistent to ensure that we continue to make progress over time. Focus on progressive overload: Progressive overload means doing a bit more over time. This could mean lifting a heavier weight, doing more reps or adding an extra set to your workout. This doesn't have to be every session but make sure each week or month that you are doing slightly more than you were previously. Be patient: We all know we need to be patient but it is hard! It's okay to feel frustrated with your progress sometimes but make sure that it doesn't stop you from taking action and moving forwards with your goals. You've got this!

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