• Emma Green

The problem with the phrase ‘best shape of your life’

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

Like a lot of phrases in the fitness industry, this one gets thrown around a lot. It’s great to feel confident in your body but I do worry when people put a particular body size or shape on a pedestal.

Whether you like it or not, you don’t have complete control over your body. It will inevitably change throughout your life (in both the short and long term). If you don’t make peace with that, you set yourself up for a lot of struggles with body image.

Instead, if you can embrace where your body is right now and accept how it might change in the future, you are less likely to experience negative thoughts. This means you free yourself up to focus on the stuff that really matters.

Ultimately, your body is just one part of you. That’s easy to forget when you are really struggling but it’s so important to remind yourself regularly. Those who really care about you give no shits about what you look like, they like you for the awesome person you are.

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