• Emma Green

The problem with strong is the new skinny

I want to start off by saying that I do not think that anyone who uses this term means any harm. However, this doesn’t mean that these words can’t have a detrimental impact. Here are my thoughts:

1. It’s still body shaming: It’s not okay to shame anyone for their body whatever it looks like. Some people are naturally skinny and others are larger, all are absolutely fine and should be celebrated.

2. Implies you can’t be both: Being strong isn’t dependent on your size and it’s not a look. Someone who is skinny may be really strong relative to their weight. In powerlifting, for example, there are several different weight classes and those in the lighter categories may well be considered skinny

3. Suggests that fitness is a fad: The use of the word ‘new’ in the phrase makes it seem as though strength is some kind of fitness trend. I think it’s really problematic to view fitness in this way. We shouldn’t determine our own fitness goals based on what others are doing. If we pursue strength as a fitness goal it should be because we want to, not because it’s ‘on trend’.

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