• Emma Green

The problem with meal plans

Meal plans are pretty common within the fitness industry but I’m not a fan. Here’s why: ⠀ 1. Become out of touch with your body: Meal plans tell you what to eat which means you don’t learn which foods you enjoy and make you feel good. Instead you often end up eating foods you hate just because they’re on the plan. In addition, meal plans often determine when you eat as well as what you eat. This means you end up ignoring your natural hunger and satiety signals. 2. Label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’: Meal plans typically contain a really limited range of foods which makes you think of foods on the plan as ‘good’ and those not on the plan as ‘bad’. This is not only an unhealthy way to view food but it can actually mess with your digestion over time because your body stops producing enzymes to break down different foods. When you reintroduce these foods again, your body doesn’t know what to do with them.

3. Unsustainable in the long term: Meal plans make you feel restricted, both in terms of the types and amounts of foods you can eat. This means it is impossible to go out to eat in restaurants, eat food that somebody else had prepared for you or even just eat something just because you’re craving it. This makes meal plans very difficult to sustain over the long term. They also don’t give you any confidence with how to navigate food decisions on a daily basis so you can overwhelmed and lost when you stop them.

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