• Emma Green

The power of saying no to diet culture

Saying no is hugely powerful in improving your wellbeing. I do a lot of saying no on a daily basis and find it so helpful in ensuring I stay happy, calm and in alignment with my values. The main thing that I consistently say no to is diet culture. I don’t engage in restrictive dieting and I don’t exercise to make my body look a particular way. I don’t buy from companies selling products which are not in alignment with my values. . I don’t write freelance articles, accept sponsorships or make money from anything that I consider a part of diet culture. There is a certain amount of privilege in being able to say no and I am acutely aware of that. However, acknowledging what you do have the power to say no to can be hugely empowering. It frees you up to put your precious time and energy towards places that matter.

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