• Emma Green

What to do when you feel like shit

Updated: Jan 26

I struggled with an eating disorder for much of my teenage years and into my early twenties. It’s something I thought I might have to deal with for the rest of my life because I couldn’t imagine feeling any other way. Mental health matters. Whether you have a diagnosed condition or not, your struggles are valid. You also don’t have to have experienced something difficult, mental health issues can happen to anyone. If you are really struggling, please seek professional help if it’s accessible to you. I was fortunate to have four different therapists who all helped me immensely to fully recover from my eating disorder, and regain my health and happiness. If you don’t need or can’t access professional help but are feeling like shit, there are some things that might help you feel better, which I’ve covered in the infographic. I hope that these ideas give you a little lift or at the very least provide a distraction from what you’re currently feeling. If you don’t feel able to do them, take care of yourself in any way that you can. You are worth it.

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