• Emma Green

Sometimes you have to go all in

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

Although I think an all or nothing mentality can be dangerous, there are times when we need to go all in on something, commit and work as hard as is required.

The most recent example of this is my PhD. It was full on. I had to stop my part time job, say no to a lot of social events and spend the vast majority of my evenings and weekends writing because working 9-5 on it was not enough.

I have zero regrets about that. It was a big goal of mine ever since I started my undergraduate degree and I have now transitioned into a more sustainable approach.

I talk a lot about balance and I think it’s great place to be most of the time. However, there are always going to be times when we have to have to get out of balance to achieve certain goals. This isn’t sustainable though and that’s why it can’t be a long term strategy. I think creating and maintaining boundaries after pushing for these goals is important. If you’re an all or nothing person like me, it’s easy to get stuck in that ‘push’ mindset and saying no to everything becomes a habit. You might have to work hard on giving yourself permission to do things that you enjoy before it becomes more habitual.

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