• Emma Green

Sneaky signs you’re not eating enough

In today’s society, eating very little food can seem totally normal. If you’re undereating, you may get some very obvious signs but sometimes there are more subtle indications. Your body is very clever. If you aren’t taking in enough food, it will do everything it can to get you to eat more. Your body doesn’t care about your fitness goals, it cares about surviving. An increased focus on food is your body’s attempt to get you to eat it. If you think of this from an evolutionary standpoint, this would encourage you to go and look for food. Bingeing is another creative strategy from your body. If you are consistently limiting food types or amounts then you’re body will feel deprived and rebel against that. Bingeing isn’t a sign that you’ve ‘lost control’, it’s your body’s attempt to gain control over insufficient energy intake. The food concocting is an interesting one. It’s something that has been documented both anecdotally and in the scientific literature but nobody has quite figured out why. It is possible that it is just the result of our brains not functionally optimally (about 60% of our energy needs are for our brains). It’s also possible that it is your brain’s attempt to make food more appealing so that you will eat more. To be clear, there can be other reasons for all of the above but if they are occurring together, it’s a red flag. Accepting you need to eat more is hard but so important for you to be happy and healthy. ⠀

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