• Emma Green

How I lost my period and how I got it back again

Updated: Jan 5

Confession time...I didn’t get my period for over a decade. This year was the first time I got my period since I was 15. I struggled with an eating disorder throughout my teens and into my early twenties. One of the many physical health consequences was losing my period. After recovering from my eating disorder in my mid-twenties, my period still didn’t return. Doctors offered to put me on the pill to ‘regulate’ my periods (FYI the bleed you get on the pill is not a real period). I was told to maintain a ‘healthy weight’ (also BS) and that my periods would come back naturally. They didn’t and I put it to the back of my mind.

Following a rigid diet and exercise regime When I first got into fitness, I followed training and nutrition plans religiously. Everything was tracked. I never deviated. One coach described me as the ‘perfect client.’ Despite seemingly having no problems mentally in following a pretty rigid regime, my body wasn’t happy. My period remained absent. Gradually, my approach became more flexible and relaxed. I stopped tracking macros. I allowed myself to explore other types of exercise. I incorporated more rest days.

Getting my period back In December 2019, my period finally returned.

I had forgotten what it felt like. I certainly haven't missed the cramps, bloating and water retention but I felt so proud of my body. I was so relieved that it was able to trust me again.

Acknowledging my privilege I’m aware that I’m very lucky. Many people have health conditions over which they have no control. They can face a number of challenges in dealing with their issues each day. They may also not receive much support or understanding from others. Health is a privilege. It’s not a moral imperative and it’s not a guarantee. Wherever you are right now, remember that you are worthy. You don’t owe anyone health. Your body is your business. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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