• Emma Green

Lies that diet culture tells you

There is a lot of BS about nutrition that is promoted in both mainstream and social media. Much is this is from diet culture, which propagates a number of myths that often go unchallenged. Here is a just a selection of mistruths that have no scientific support, despite the claims of those promoting them. I’d encourage you not to take anyone’s opinion at face value (including mine). Go to the research directly, learn how to read and interpret studies and make your own conclusions. You’ll probably be surprised by the lack of scientific support for many of the nutritional claims made. In all of this, I think it’s important to remember that your body is amazingly resilient. Feeding it well is important but it can handle all different types of foods, so there is no need to restrict anything that you want to eat. Your body has evolved to keep you alive and will do its best to ensure that happens. Be skeptical of the messages you hear and compassionate towards yourself. Both set you up for being able to reach a healthy and happy place with food and you deserve that.

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