• Emma Green

‘Letting yourself go’ is BS

We should not expect our bodies to look the same throughout our lives. There are so many different life changes that we go through and we should embrace that. This isn’t what society tells us. It tells us we need to maintain an unrealistically similar state of being throughout our lives. Look at how many anti-ageing products, diets and exercise routines exist (almost exclusively marketed at women). You do not have to be working on your physical appearance to be worthy. You will never achieve the ‘perfection’ you are seeking. You’ll be stuck on a perpetual treadmill while people make money from your insecurities. Saying no to all that stuff isn’t ‘letting yourself go’, it’s embracing your true self. It’s incredibly scary but so freeing. Think about what you could do if you spent all that time and energy towards other areas of your life. You can do so much more than you realise.

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