• Emma Green

Let’s talk about fatphobia

Today I wanted to talk about fatphobia. Despite the term not being commonly used, fatphobia is something created by diet culture and thus is widespread. Fatphobia, as the name suggests, is a fear of fatness. It affects everyone but particularly those in larger bodies, who have to deal with discrimination and abuse on a daily basis. Even attempts to help debunk myths about nutrition can inadvertently reinforce fatphobia. Messages like ‘carbs don’t make you fat’, subtly imply that fatness is bad and something to be avoided at all costs. Whilst it is true that one particular food, a certain amount of food or a whole food group will not dramatically affect your body size or shape, it is important not to be afraid of your body changing. Your body will change over the course of your life and that’s totally okay.

Letting go of trying to control your body doesn’t mean ‘giving up’ on health or fitness goals. What it means is being guided by your intuition, rather than what society has told you. It means examining what feels good to you in terms of food and exercise, rather than doing what you think you have to do to make your body fit a particular standard.

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