• Emma Green

Is veganism restrictive?

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

Sometimes I’m asked about how I align my belief in a non-restrictive approach to food with being vegan. A few points that I hope clarify things: I am vegan for ethical reasons not because I have beliefs about what vegan or non-vegan foods do to my body. I think it’s also important to note that veganism is not just about food. It pertains to any products that are tested on or contain animal products. It’s a decision I made 11 years ago that felt right for me at the time and has ever since.

There are of course some vegans with a restrictive approach to food, in the same way as in some meat eaters. That mindset is equally problematic in both instances.

To me, having a non-restrictive attitude towards food means eating foods that feel good for you, rather than based on what is ‘allowed.’ It’s not really about what you choose to eat, it’s more about the why. Eating a salad because it tastes good is very different to eating a salad because you think carbs are evil.

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