• Emma Green

Is intuitive eating isn’t just for those who can’t diet?

Recently I’ve heard intuitive eating discussed as being something only for those who struggle with dieting and overeating. Whilst it can help people break that cycle and achieve a more stable place with food, it isn’t just for those people. To give a personal example, I have never struggled with overeating. I could restrict calories for weeks and months at a time. Although clearly not healthy physically, mentally it wasn’t difficult. I tracked macros for over 10 years (since before Myfitnesspal was a thing) and it become habitual. I didn’t have a problem with ‘putting in the work’ because I thought that was what I needed to do. I became interested in intuitive eating when I considered the possibility that I didn’t have to track macros for the rest of my life. I started questioning whether it was really necessary for my goals. I thought about why I was allowing an external source to dictate my food choices, rather than feeling able to trust my own internal cues. Intuitive eating is accessible to everyone, regardless of your size, shape or dieting history. Although certain principles aren’t suitable for those in recovery from eating disorders (because your body functions and cues are still coming back), the overarching ideas can be implemented at any stage in your journey.

However, it is not easy. It is not the lazy option. It is not ‘giving up’. Becoming an intuitive eater is hard work but it is possible if you are open-minded, persistent and willing to trust the process.

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