• Emma Green

Intuitive eating vs Dieting

Hunger, food and eating can seem really complicated. Diet culture tells you that giving into hunger is weakness. It tells you that you can only eat the ‘right’ foods otherwise you’re ‘out of control’. It tells you that you have to limit yourself and that if you don’t, you’re lazy. Intuitive eating doesn’t mean simply ‘eating whatever’. There are principles, there are nuances and a whole book outlining how to do it. At its core, intuitive eating means eating to nourish yourself mentally and physically. It’s not that you never think about food but it doesn’t occupy a lot of your time and energy. . You can get to a place where food is enjoyable but not a big deal. You can learn to respond to hunger rather than trying to distract yourself. You can become comfortable giving yourself permission because you trust your body. Believe in yourself, you’re a lot stronger than you think.

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