• Emma Green

Intuitive eating vs diet mentality at the weekend

On Monday I will inevitably hear conversations about how ‘bad’ people were over the weekend. People will beat themselves up about what and how much they ate and resolve to ‘get back on track’ this week. There is an alternative to this cycle. You do not have to stay continually vacillating between restricting yourself and feeling out of control around food. It’s not easy but it is possible. To do this you need to stop the restriction during the week, you need to change the language you use to describe food, you need to practice moving on after eating something you consider ‘bad.’ This allows you to truly enjoy your weekends, have fun with friends without worrying about what and how much you’re eating. You don’t have to live your life on a diet. Food is not just fuel, it is so much more. It should be enjoyable, it is a way to socialise with others and a form of self-care. You deserve to experience that.

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