• Emma Green

Intuitive eating: trusting your body

Intuitive eating focuses on improving your relationship with food, exercise and your body. In response to applying the principles, your body might stay the same, you might gain weight or you might lose weight. None of these reactions mean that you are doing it wrong. Everyone’s happy and healthy place is unique. This isn’t just anecdotal either, we have scientific evidence of settling points, a place where your body likes to hang out. This is typically the weight range and where you end up naturally. You can get above or below this but maintaining that is difficult. Your body has an extraordinary number of mechanisms it can speed up or slow down in an attempt to maintain homeostasis. Accepting this means that you can work with your body, rather than feeling like you’re fighting against it. Whatever your history with food, your body isn’t broken. You can get in touch with hunger cues and fullness cues, you can rediscover what foods make you feel good, and you can learn to trust your body. You’ve got this!

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