• Emma Green

Intuitive Eating: Honouring your hunger

Do you ever have days when you are really hungry for no discernible reason? I do! When I used to track macros, these kind of days would freak me out. I would worry about going over whatever limit I had set for myself and would try to stuff my day with as much low calorie, high volume stuff as possible (I hesitate to even call it food!). Not only was this not satisfying mentally or physically but my whole day would revolve around planning and preparing what I was going to eat. This meant there was little time or energy for anything else. Now my approach is very different. I don’t track anything and instead use my own cues to decide what, how much and when I’m going to eat. I don’t get anxious if I’m super hungry because food isn’t limited. I can eat until I am satisfied, whatever that looks like. I get to eat the foods I actually want, not just whatever ‘fits my macros’. This means I eat, enjoy and just move on with my day.

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