• Emma Green

Intuitive Eating: Expectation vs reality

Giving up rules and restrictions around food doesn’t mean being out of control around food. On the contrary, once you give yourself permission to eat all foods when you want them, you’re much more able to eat them in an amount that feels good for you. When you limit the amount, type or timing of food, you set yourself up to subsequently eat the ‘off limits’ foods in larger amounts when you do finally have them. You’ve probably noticed this anecdotally but it is also well established in the research literature, where it is is known as the ‘what the hell effect’ or disinhibition. ⠀ To be clear, intuitive eating doesn’t mean eating ‘perfectly’ everyday. Sometimes you’ll eat a bit more than feels good, other times a bit less. You might occasionally eat foods that don’t make you feel good. The key is that you don’t judge your choices and just move on. Food should be enjoyable but it shouldn’t be the most important thing in your life, there is so much else out there to put your time and energy towards.

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