• Emma Green

Intuitive eating and exercise

So many of my clients struggle with having a healthy relationship with exercise. Many of them don’t even know what activities they enjoy doing and instead force them to exercise in a way they think they should. When I was a newly qualified personal trainer, I used to have a very fixed idea of how people should exercise. I was heavily invested in what was optimal from a physiological standpoint, completely overlooking the enjoyment aspect (ironic as my academic background is Psychology!) Now my approach is very different. I encourage people to move their bodies in any way that they enjoy and ditch what they hate. I also practice what I preach. I used to have a very specific gym programme that I adhered to like a robot. I didn’t really think about whether I enjoyed it or not because I did it relatively mindlessly. Since coming away from that fixed mindset I’ve enjoyed trying loads of different types of activities and have found my current faves: hot yoga, dance and HIIT/functional training classes. It works well for me, I’ve got a lot of energy so love anything where I can jump around but also love time to slow down and unwind. If you feel stuck in a rut with exercise, don’t be afraid to try something new or take a break altogether if that’s what you need. You deserve it.

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