• Emma Green

I don’t have my shit together

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

I might be overthinking this but I’ve felt like the tone of my posts lately has perhaps been suggesting that I’ve got my shit together. I can assure you that I most certainly don’t (and as I get older I realise nobody does). A few things I’m currently working on:

1. Getting the balance right between eating what makes me feel good and what is convenient. I hate cooking anyway but in this cold weather, my desire to make anything requiring effort is severely diminished. 2. Slowing down. I naturally do things at a million miles an hour (if you know me in person you’ll know this from the speed at which I talk!) As much as this can be great when I want to be productive, it can be hard to turn it off and be more mindful. 3. I’m still adjusting to my new work schedule and my recovery from training isn’t the best. I’m trying to find a sweet spot where I’m doing enough to progress but not so much that I burn myself out.

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