• Emma Green

How to trust yourself around food

The funny thing about being fearful and trying to always stay 'in control' around food is that it eventually leads to a sense of a total lack of control. Restriction (mental or physical) when sustained over time, will backfire.

Being able to trust yourself around food comes from letting go, not from trying to exert a higher level of control. In fact, the more you try to restrict yourself out of fear, the greater the likelihood that you will overeat. When you then label this behaviour as 'bad', this results in an all or nothing response where you say 'screw it'.

It’s important to remind yourself that you deserve to have treats. You don't have to earn them, you don't have to burn them off afterwards and you don't have to justify them to yourself or others. Food is not just fuel. It is important to nourish yourself mentally and physically.

You'll find that the less you try to control your food, the easier it is to eat mindfully and moderately because you know that the food is always available. When something isn’t limited, the novelty of over consuming it dramatically dissipates.

If you are currently restricting yourself heavily, I know that this is hard to believe but I can promise you that it does happen if you give it enough time. Our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for. We just need to get out of their way.

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